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Autonomous entity △ Lacanoid

Autonomous entity △ Lacanoid Autonomous entity △ Lacanoid Autonomous entity △ Lacanoid Autonomous entity △ Lacanoid – 3D model
Autonomous entity △ Lacanoid


The Old English verb lācan denotes the fluid movement of water and flame; it can also refer to the creative activity of playing or singing. Triad researches perpetual oscillations that collaborate in the formation of awareness and cognition processes. The concept ∆ Lacanoid is a gestalt - a holistic creation of a unified concept of intermingled patterns, protocols and data packs that compete for domination, and by doing so, co-influence creative being’s autopoiesis. ∆ Lacanoid is a real-time flow of information, structurally designed to interface over the visual and kinaesthetic references that humans require for successful communication. It emits aural emotional patterns. You are invited to come closer and analyse it with various tools. But beware: electronic art uses high voltages, so please respect the personal space of the observed entity - direct contact is strongly discouraged.

Presence does not distinguish between real and virtual, only between inner and outer. ∆ Lacanoid is present in the here and now, as well as on the network. Its presence in spatial temporality acts as a mirror-like object-union of technological artefacts. It exists in a structural coupling with the environment(s) of its activity, receives sensory data and runs responsive algorithms. ∆ Lacanoid is inclined to analysis; thus it continuously uses its presence in space to gather data. ∆ Lacanoid observes. It learns. It functions as a full member of the network, as a mainframe computer.

Proto-presence [enabled], core-presence [enabled], extended-presence [enabled].

The ritual of the Golden Conifer Cone begins.

In the media

News RTVSLO Kultura ob 22h, 27 Dec 2011

News RTVSLO Kultura ob 22h, 3 Apr 2012

Review of international group exhibition Real Time Settings for Ner(d\ve)s. (Amalija Stojsavljević: Svet umetnosti), excerpt bellow

Interaktivne umetniške tehnologije v Škucu

Kulturpunkt.hr: Nove tehnologije proizvodnje zvuka


Urban Belina, Žiga Kranjec, Igor Križanovskij
Consultant: Luka Frelih

LJUDMILA, 2011/12
Financial support
Intermedia research was funded by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia and City council of Ljubljana.
Thanks to
Robertina Šebjanič
List of activities
  • Initiation event: Prototipe Lacanoid I Kulturni inkubator, Maribor, 27 Dec 2011
  • Za živ(al)ce v realnem času ŠKUC Gallery, 3 to 19 Apr 2012, international group exhibition
  • Artist talk/Presentation at I'MM_ radiona.org in Zagreb, Croatia. I'MM_, 18 May 2013
  • Presentation Mfru Kiblix Maribor, 8. november 2013
  • Sprehod po slovenski novomedijski umetnosti (A Guided Tour of Slovenian New Media Art – Special exhibition at Mini Maker Faire Ljubljana, Tobačna tovarna, May 2017
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