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Urban Belina: The Fake Bosom

Lady Anous, photo Nada Žgank Lady Anous, photo Nada Žgank Lady Anous, photo Nada Žgank Lady Anous, photo Nada Žgank Lady Anous, photo Nada Žgank Lady Anous, photo Nada Žgank Lady Anous, photo Nada Žgank Lady Anous, photo Nada Žgank Lady Anous, photo Nada Žgank Lady Anous, photo Nada Žgank Lady Anous, photo Nada Žgank Lady Anous, photo Nada Žgank


I have the most phenomenal doctor in the world, I like to visit her so much. But I’d prefer to go to a specialist, they’re still the biggest experts. What if I tell you a little about my doctor, who’s a surplus of surpluses. Super Babe. But a real one! If anyone is my role model, that's her. I’d like to become such a woman. Performance text excerpt

Postmedia artist, literary translator, and writer Urban Belina in collaboration with performer Daniel(a) Petković researches the fields of neo-burlesque, queer phenomena, healthcare and wellbeing industry, marginal anatomies and identities of the rainbow spectrum, as well as other divergent expressions and syndromes of (post)human experience. In the scripted performance The Fake Bosom they present the story of Lady Anous, individual on the transgender spectrum in the grip of healthcare system during an acute phase of hypochondria. On the level of text, Belina plays with a certain fusion of queer with healthism and omnipresent fostering of a healthy lifestyle.

On the scientific an social level we can find parallels with the construction or development of a biology based on technology, a temporal postgender entity that represents a premonition of a future ecosystem, populated with hypernatural or biologically modified former-human beings.
In the framework of performance research we developed a protocol for temporal modification of gender spectrum that includes the use of technology of anatomical, adapted breast prosthetics with a mechanical (pressure) gland with outer secretion and the use of other established social technologies for gender codification, through which the transformation of performer Daniel/-a into the aggregate of diagnosis and anxieties of Lady Anous takes place. Protocol enables performing temporary shifts on the gender spectrum with relatively mild adverse reactions.

The doctor says: I think this will be rather impossible. You know, the test I order must be justified according to the rules. If we look at your condition more closely, it's obvious that you want to be a woman, but your body is still developed with male features. I can’t send a person of male gender to a mammogram. It's not justified. Health insurance won’t cover these costs.

I get upset: You want to say I need to go to surgery before you can send me to a mammogram? Well, then write me a referral for that, I want to change my sex, I'm already determined. Write it right now, I’ll go get a date tomorrow morning! Performance text excerpt


Today I show you bodily delights,
I steer you into twisted heavenly heights.
In the feverish tripping of tropical infections,
In the safe embrace of health care structures...

Possibility of:

You can support Lady Anous in facing her diagnosis and efforts to regain health.

Warning: Please do not bring flowers to the patient as it might trigger allergic reaction. If you still wish to gift her rather choose dietary supplements.

Warning: During your visit you may be exposed to scenes of disease and decay, therefore we discourage participation of persons with known hypersensitivity to queer phenomena, health care environment, bodily fluids and excretions, or individuals with heart failure.

Artists and Creators

Concept, Text, Dramaturgy, and Prosthetics: Urban Belina
Artistic Research, Choreography, and Performance: Daniel Petković
Costume Design: Sara Jelen
Makeup Design: Tina Prpar (Tinka Pobalinka)
Closing Music and Sound Design: Alenja Pivko Kneževič
Lighting Design and Video Documentation: Izidor Čok
Voices: Saška Rakef in Sabina Potočki
Studio Sound Mastering: Simon Penšek
Photos: Nada Žgank

Daniel Petković and
Urban Belina
Both self-employed in the field of culture.
Financial Support
Artistic research received support from the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia in 2017.
List of past performances
  • International Festival of LGBT Film, Club Tiffany, Ljubljana, SI, 24 Nov 2018
  • Syndicate of Outlandish Entities, Club Gromka, Ljubljana, SI, 29 Aug 2018
  • Kalejdoskop – Festival of Contemporary Performative Art, Layerjeva hiša (stolp Škrlovec), Kranj, SI 1 Jun 2018
  • Račka Gallery, opening of group exhibition Grda Račka/Ugly Duckling, Centre of Contemporary Art, Celje, SI 25 May 2018
  • Španski borci, Ljubljana, SI, 2 Dec 2017
  • Festival Živa 2017, Španski borci, Ljubljana, SI, 10 Nov 2017 (Première)
  • In the Media
  • The Anthology INTERNATIONAL QUEER DRAMA and Its Body of Work: An Interim Report, Lisa Wegener, trans. Fiona Mizani (EN), 23 Jan 2019
  • Estetika drag in kvir v performansu [Drag and Queer Aesthetics in Performance], Saška Rakef, Teja Reba, Lana Zdravković in Urban Belina – pogovor, program ARS, 1 Oct 2018
  • Užitek v preigravanju odklonskih identitet [Enjoyment in Playing with Outlandish Identities], Nika Arhar, MMC RTV SLO, 8 Sep 2018
  • Sindikat odklonskih entitet, Meta Česnik, Kultura TV SLO, 29 Aug 2018
  • Sindikat odklonskih entitet, nova platforma robnih urbanih žanrov, [Syndicate of Outlandish Entities, New Platform for Edgy Urban Genres] Delo, 28 Aug 2018
  • Zaničniško odmaševanje Andreja Rozmana - Roze odpira festival Sindikat odklonskih entitet, MMC RTV SLO, 28 Aug 2018
  • Prvi letni shod slabo prilagojenih [First Annual Gathering of the Maladjusted], Vanja Pirc, Mladina, 24 Aug 2018
  • Lady Anous v Grdi Rački [Lady Anous at Ugly Duckling], Brane Piano, Delo, 26 May 2018
  • Preplesano leto 2017. Obilno in uspešno! [Review of best dance productions in Slovenia: Dance in 2017. Plentiful and successful.], Daliborka Podboj, Parada plesa, 6 Jan 2018 (Slovenian only)
  • Drugačnost v času in prostoru z Lažno dojko in Ibsenovimi ženskami [Review: Being different in time and space with The Fake Bosom and Ibsen's women], Daliborka Podboj, Parada plesa, 22 Dec 2017 (Slovenian only)
  • Daniel Petković. Njegova Lažna dojka vas popelje v sprevržena nebesa!, Parada plesa, 29 Nov 2017 (Slovenian only)
  • Živa! Deset let festivala plesne ustvarjalnosti mladih, Daliborka Podboj, Parada plesa, 27 Nov 2017 (Slovenian only)
  • Parada, foto Nada Žgank, Mladina, 17 Nov 2017 (Photo)
  • Plesna ustvarjalnost mladih se na oder postavi, K. T., MMC RTV SLO 8 Nov 2017 (Slovenian only)
  • Začenja se tridnevni festival plesne ustvarjalnosti mladih Živa, mce/tv, STA, 8 Nov 2017 (Slovenian only)
  • Festival plesne ustvarjalnosti Živa 2017, JSKD, Sigledal, 1 Nov 2017 (Slovenian only)
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