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Urban Belina (b. 1981, Celje, Slovenia) works as a post-media artist, performance maker, profiled literary translator and writer. In his artistic research, he uses insights from decolonial, queer and feminist theory and practice to address various crucial yet underrepresented topics of our society through creating diverse hybrid works featuring divergent expressions and syndromes of the (post)human and other-than-human experience. He collaborates frequently with Jasmina Založnik and Daniel Petković, most recently on the performance by The Affluent Drag Ensemble: Jubilee (2021) with both aforementioned and on the performative game What Makes You Happy (2021), created in tandem with Jasmina.

He collaborates with several institutions and independent production houses, among others also the Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana, Maska Institute and Nomad Dance Academy Slovenia. He is also the co-initiator and former co-curator of the Syndicate of Outlandish Entites, a festival for edgy urban performative genres produced in Ljubljana, Slovenia by the Emanat Institute since 2018. He is a member of the Association of Slovenian Literary Translators.