Performance and Postmedia Art

Urban Belina: Twisted Paradise

There’s no mammaglobin in me. There’s no female tissue in me. But that's not true! They’ll never understand that I'm a real woman! That I have everything, including a mother's instinct!

Lady Anous, photo: Nada Žgank

Urban Belina: The Fake Bossom

Today I show you bodily delights,
I steer you into twisted heavenly heights.
In the feverish tripping of tropical infections,
In the safe embrace of health care structures...

Lady Anous, photo: Nada Žgank

Daniel Petković: Terra umbilicus

There are no directions here.
I am running into all countless directions at once.
They are cracked.
Where to is the other side?

Performer and concept by: Daniel Petković, photo: Nada Žgank

Autonomous entity: △ Lacanoid

Triad researches perpetual oscillations that collaborate in the formation of awareness and cognition processes. The concept ∆ Lacanoid is a gestalt - a holistic creation of a unified concept of intermingled patterns, protocols and data packs that compete for domination, and by doing so, co-influence creative being’s autopoiesis.

Autonomous entity △ Lacanoid

Translated by Urban Belina

Ben Okri: Cesta sestradanih

Ben Okri: The Famished Road

Slovenian translation
KUD Police Dubove, 2016
Mabel E. Todd: Misleče telo

Mabel E. Todd: The Thinking Body

Slovenian translation
Emanat, 2014,
Emanat, 2018 (1st reprint)
Junko Morimoto: Moja Hirošima

Junko Morimoto: My Hiroshima

Slovenian translation
University of Ljubljana and
KUD AAC Zrakogled, 2014
Christopher Whyte: Gejevski Dekameron

Christopher Whyte: The Gay Decameron

Slovenian translation
ŠKUC, 2011
Dragan Velikić: Dantejev trg

Dragan Velikić: Dante's Square

Slovenian translation
KUD AAC Zrakogled, 2014
Dragan Velikić: Dantejev trg

Francis Ebejer: Leap of Malta Dolphins

Slovenian translation
Društvo 2000 and KUD AAC Zrakogled, 2011

Urban Belina

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translator, postmedia artist and writer

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